An Anniversary Well Celebrated

I realized that my reflections on 11 September will need to be reframed and rewritten, and plan on doing so when i return to New York next week. For right now, let me say this: there’s no better way to spend this day than in the happy presence of family and friends.

Starbucks Tazo Black Tea Lemonade

Oh my god. Pure summer orgasmic refreshment bliss. Arriving at Starbucks hot and sweaty, a Tazo Black Tea Lemonade totally hit the spot. It was SO good, that I got another one a short while later. Thank god there are Starbucks at every street corner in Toronto.

Holiday Thanks

Perhaps I should have posted this closer to Thanksgiving, but it’s just occurring to me now. For a while there, I was very seriously considering leaving my job. My boss was being a scary, freaky ass, and I was not making enough money to deal with that much drama. The boss and I had a ...

Perfect Day

I was in the mood for swimming today, since it was sunny and 25˚C out. The pool at my gym is in the basement, windowless, and just about the most dreary place imaginable. So I decided to go downtown to use the health club at the hotel where my dad works (5 star hotel) and ...

120 just ain’t good enough

I tried on every single suit in the mall and nothing looked or fit right. In a size 12 all my fat rolls are just bursting at the seams. 120 just isn’t good enough. Eating healthy isn’t good enough. Exercising almost every day isn’t good enough. I want to be skinny even if I have ...

A first

I was talking to the instructor before class today about the possibility of teaching part of the class at some time in the future and she said, “why wait? you can teach it today if you want!” So I did. I was afraid of working everyone too hard (this will change, I’m not planning on ...

BOSU trainer

I was so excited when I saw that the hotel health club had one of these yesterday. However, not expecting it to be there, I couldn’t think of many exercises to do on the BOSU (which is an acronym for Both Sides Up) and only did a few squats (side and regular), a boat pose ...

Getting Edumacated

I’ve signed up for courses in Basic Fitness Theory and Fitness Leader Certification Training! This is by no means ‘big time’ like ACE or Canfit Pro but it is a start! I’ve been to so many classes where I’ve thought, “I can totally do a better job than this instructor,” so it’s about time I ...

Sprite Ice

Tried some Sprite Ice last night after seeing it at the grocery store. Advertised as “lemon-lime mint flavoured soda”, it tastes like Sprite flavoured mouthwash or regular Sprite after brushing your teeth. However, it is quite refreshing.


If treadmills looked like hamster wheels, things would be a lot more amusing at the gym. Although treadmills technically are hamster wheels for humans. Somebody please change my wood shavings!