I think I’m going to buy some diet pills today, I am controlling my eating to mostly low fat foods, fruit and veggies and exercising like crazy, and it’s not working.


So, here I am, engaged now for a full 2.5 days, and I feel a tizzy coming on. Even though we’ve decided on a simple wedding (although our definitions of simple aren’t the same–John said that by simple, he thought simple, like when his mom got married at City Hall and then they went home), ...

a dress, a shirt and tie

So we’ve got a location, the rings, the flowers, and the invitations were just ordered. Now we need an officiant, a dress, a shirt and tie for John (he has a suit) and…hm…that’s it really. What am I forgetting? This can’t be this simple, can it?


I would just like to say that the quality of life in our household has gone up dramatically since we got our dishwasher. I love our dishwasher. Our dishwasher is the greatest thing ever.