Starbucks Tazo Black Tea Lemonade

Oh my god. Pure summer orgasmic refreshment bliss. Arriving at Starbucks hot and sweaty, a Tazo Black Tea Lemonade totally hit the spot. It was SO good, that I got another one a short while later. Thank god there are Starbucks at every street corner in Toronto.

Sprite Ice

Tried some Sprite Ice last night after seeing it at the grocery store. Advertised as “lemon-lime mint flavoured soda”, it tastes like Sprite flavoured mouthwash or regular Sprite after brushing your teeth. However, it is quite refreshing.

Gruyere Souffle

On Friday night, I got this incredibly ambitious idea to cook a souffle. It’s something I would never attempt on my own, but both Dan and I like to cook, I ran the idea by him and we decided to give it a try.

mock mashed potatoes

I finally tried the ubiquitous Surprise South Beach mashed ‘potatoes’. Dear sweet jeebus, it was good. If you’re a long time low-carber or just don’t eat mashed potatoes that often, you’d totally be fooled. I made a couple of small tweaks to the recipe: used real butter, and omitted the half and half.