We hosted Thanksgiving yesterday. It’s our fourth Thanksgiving as a couple that we’ve hosted, and the eighth that I’ve done.

And it is the first time that I’ve had a dishwasher.

I thought I’d planned enough time for everything yesterday. We had been working crazy hours all week and so I figured about 3 hours would be enough time to get the bathroom cleaned, the dining room swept & straightened, the food started and the living room vacuumed. Especially with two of us — well, John doing the lifting and sweeping and vacuuming since I can’t bend or anything with my craptacular back. (My back maintained all day though, at least until after everyone left. It’s very sore today though.)

But we soon discovered that a trip to the store was necessary, so John had to go to Cub (an experience that John described as “Thunderdome”) and so between that and what limited stuff I could do, it blew a hole into the day so when they got here we were still ankle deep in dog hair. And so my mom was antsy and she kept walking around — which made me more antsy. But no matter, eventually the dog hair was swept, the food was on the table, wine was poured, and we all had a good time.

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