The Way You Think It Should

I have a confession to make, and tonight seems like an appropriate time to come clean and reveal this secret hidden in plain view: even if this space doesn’t reflect this (yet), I really like politics and policy. I like thinking about it and discussing it and learning about it. Ask anyone who knows me well, and they’ll tell you that I thrive on intelligent political debate on almost any subject; from American race relations to international trade to technology in the developing world, all subjects are pretty much fair game. Just not here on the blog.

I didn’t plan things to work out this way in the beginning, but I can’t say this didn’t happen by design, nonetheless. If you’d told me back in January that I’d talk so little about politics here, I wouldn’t have believed you—in fact, many of my friends have had trouble wrapping their heads around my continued public silence. But the United States has just endured the most politically polarized, ferociously partisan, unceasingly contentious ten and a half months in living memory and quite possibly our entire national history. While I kept up avidly with all the twists and turns, I didn’t feel like I could offer anything new, anything that hadn’t been offered before—and considering I was living abroad with a variety of new experiences, saying things that had already been covered (and picked apart and chewed on and spit out) didn’t seem worth it. And given how intensely I was keeping track of developments, I admit that there was a certain peace of mind that came with deliberately shutting politics out of this one area of my life.

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