So, here I am, engaged now for a full 2.5 days, and I feel a tizzy coming on. Even though we’ve decided on a simple wedding (although our definitions of simple aren’t the same–John said that by simple, he thought simple, like when his mom got married at City Hall and then they went home), there are a lot of things that need to be figured out.

We have decided that we will do a family-only Justice of the Peace hitch-up and then an early evening cocktails-and-hors d’oevres reception at my mom’s condo club house. To get to even that simple point, we have to do stuff. Compile a list of people to invite. Find/make invitations. Decide where to get the nibbles and liquor from. What to wear? Decorations? Seek out hotel options for out of town guests.

First off, we have to settle on a date, which we should be able to do by the end of the week. We’re thinking April or May. Soon, isn’t it? But why wait? I don’t want to drag it out. Let’s just get this puppy over with!

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